My Story

Welcome to my country club home.  This is my vision board live on the Internet.

Welcome to My Dream

Each day I sit with my dreams and my visions and some days I’m going to share them with you.

I’m rusty at this.  Let’s be serious.  I’ve only written down my dreams once or twice.  And when I did I felt really great and pumped up.  But then life happens and I got distracted and I lost my way.

But life didn’t end. It just didn’t blossom like I wanted.  And so now I spending more time getting back to my vision.  Building up the support for my foundation.  Getting back to the basics so that I can clear the clutter and only focus on what really the most important things so that I can reach my most important goal.

So back to being rusty.  I fully expect the first versions of my vision to be pretty bumpy and plain.

I’m more of a visual person.  I need to actually see what is out there.  I am not what people call a visionary.  I don’t have a super vivid imagination. I think it’s like the fact that I can’t do a pull up either.  Yet.  It’s a just a matter of working it out.  It’s a matter of getting past the negative Nicholas in my head that says “what if I invest a bunch of energy and resources and I try really hard and I still never get where I wanted.”   Then I stop doing the work because I might not make it.

So I have to make it past the negative voice and commit to myself to do the work.  Just put in the reps.  I hear it all the time.  Take action.  Get out of your comfort zone.  Take the steps. Over and over every day. Several times a day. Until it becomes second nature.

It’s funny because that’s whe I get bored.  When I feel like I have the hang of it, I’m bored.  I’m ready to move on to something else.  So I have to wrestle with that as well.

Do the reps and persevere until the results come.

Another thing to overcome is the worry that “What if the trainers are a lie.”  What if they are with-holding the real things.  Which comes back to the worry of what if I invest in this training, what if I do exactly what they say and what if it still doesn’t work.”

That same nagging Nicholas…gotta kill that guy.

I was just listening to a recording today and the speaker ranted about people who worry about things that aren’t happening.  Don’t get stuck worrying about things that might happen.  Only solve the problems that you really have.  Don’t fret about the things that might happen.

Maybe this little introduction really resonates with you.  Maybe you can find yourself in some of what I have written.  Maybe Nicholas is a close cousin to the beast sitting on your shoulder nagging you to death.

So I’m moving on.  I’m going to put Nicholas in a box and lock the key.  And I’m going to switch my thinking.  My first goal is to flip ,y thinking.  To spend my thinking and energy coming up with and implementing solutions instead of fretting about potential negative outcomes.

So this post is the last time you’ll see Nick.

Check out my next post to see the new me.  The visionary baby that is being born right here on

So let’s get started with the first part of my dreams…

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